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Web Designing Services

web designing services

Web Design is one of the most crucial parts of a successful and rewarding website development. If done aptly, this feature of your website can provide unbelievable results. Website designing itself incorporates several levels of proficient work including web graphic designing, proprietary software, interface design, standardized coding, authoring, user experience designs etc. Joomla and WordPress designing are excellent tools for web content management.

The biggest yet the usual problem with web designing services have been the fact that the files in PSD format may contain texts which is embedded to the image and may not be compatible with HTML format. At Satvik Infotech, we as best Web design company take special care for this and apply a particular technology to make the texts available in the PSD file formats in HTML form even after conversion. Therefore, the image of obtained as a result of your creativity stays alive even in the web page we design for you.

6 Pillars of Our Success

There are several factors that make us stand firm and ahead of others in the field of professional Website Design. These features are our 6 pillars of success which include:

  • Latest web designing technologies are incorporated to keep up our words to maintain the quality of your website.
  • Joomla is a full featured content management system which is used in most of the famous websites. Your website will be queued along with world’s best websites with the use of Joomla.
  • Our expert team of custom Website Design delivers world class quality website with at most precision in handling content using Joomla.
  • Photoshop documents (PSD) files are converted into advanced HTML version (HTML5/CSS) to make your website more customized and flexible in design aspects.
  • CSS3 is a special concept evolved to strengthen style of your HTML web page design. We have a team of experts well experienced in developing CSS style sheet for web pages. CSS3 provides a variety of options including features such as opacity, RGBA colour, and wrapping up, multiple backgrounds and so on.
  • CSS style sheets are well adapted to HTML 5 environment. In addition, modern browsers support HTML 5 to provide refreshing and everlasting experience to the user in viewing a website.

Why CSS3

You may wonder why a big stress is being emphasized upon designing a stylish appearance for a web page using CSS3. Here is the reason –

In general CSS is a style sheet which can be applicable to a large number of web pages. Making changes to a single reflects in all pages utilizing a single CSS file. It makes you independent after you get your web site in handy. You need not always seek experts to make change to themes or appearance to your website which makes you your own boss to do designing and applying the style patterns. In addition, CSS3 supports three major features which were thought to be hectic but are easy to use with CSS

  • Box-sizing: Providing a text box of apt size in a web page appears simple yet it is difficult to fit the text box within the space a user intends to fit. CSS3 provides ease of fitting the text box exactly in the space you desire.
  • Text-overflow:Sometimes the text typed in the text field may partially hide due to overflow. It makes the sentence or phrase meaningless. Hence, CSS3 helps in overcoming the text overflow hurdle.
  • RGBA coloring: Designing a page with multiple backgrounds was difficult with the previous versions of CSS. CSS3 makes it easy to create a page with multiple coloring in background.

Hence a unique combination and blend of CSS3 and HTML5 Development explicitly delivers a web page of extraordinary and aesthetic appeal.

We as best Web Design Company in India will take care of these things for your site. Contact us now with your project requirement.

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