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How Much Does a WordPress Website Really Costs?

Wordpress Website costs

Let’s face it, there is no free lunch in this world. Although you may have seen the prefix like ‘Free’ and ‘cheap’ quite commonly before the term ‘WordPress development’, if you want to leverage WordPress, the most popular CMS we have today, to do some serious online business and drive a really good number of sales or leads then the development of such WordPress websites doesn’t come cheap.

Wondering what is the real cost of building a WordPress website? In this post, I have attempted to explain the right process of building a custom WordPress website and the related cost breakdown.

WordPress Website Development Cost Breakdown

The total development cost may vary depending on what process a WordPress development company adheres to. The right development process should include following steps:


project research

This step involves understanding the purpose/goal behind website development and identifying its target niche. In order to be more accurate, the development company can brainstorm for the typical customer the client (a business looking for a website) is looking for.


In this phase of the development process, the layout of all pages of your website along with its detail attributes are defined and documented.


Once the design part of your website is ready, the content is the next big thing on the way. Whether you want to jot down content on own or want to hire a professional copywriter, make sure you get a high-quality, striking content for all pages of your WordPress site.

Theme development

theme development

When all the above points are done right, it won’t be so challenging for a WordPress designer to pick the right theme for your business website. Buying a ready-to-use theme may come with many redundant themes. Developing a custom theme is more viable alternative than buying an off-the-shelf one so you can keep the design elements truly needed for your website.

Once the development process is completed, you will need to buy domain name, website hosting to make your site live. The story doesn’t end here. In order to maintain your site’s visibility amidst the target audience, you will need WordPress management, maintenance and upgrade services too.

Now, if we adapt to the above discussed web development methodology and build a typical WordPress business website, then you can easily get an idea about the cost of your WordPress based website. if you are still confused then we at Satvik Infotech are always ready to help you. Just send an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you with your WordPress website development cost.

Don’t forget to add Domain registration and web hosting charges.

The key reason behind the immense popularity of WordPress for web development is the fact that you can thousands of dollars on building a custom CMS.

A Take Away for Potential WordPress website development Clients

Before you approach a WordPress web development company, it is important that you ask yourself what you need your website to do. Clearly defining your main goal behind WordPress website development will help your service provider offer a custom development package that best fits all your particular needs.

There is no doubt that compared to other web development platforms, WordPress let you build a powerful, feature-rich website in faster and cheaper way. What are your thoughts on the WordPress development approach one should follow? You may comment below!

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