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  • Mar 28 / 2014
  • Comments Off on PHP Updates by Web Host Impact WordPress Site
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PHP Updates by Web Host Impact WordPress Site

A PHP update is determined by the web hosting providers of users and how their servers are configured for WordPress websites. Thus, we always recommend our WordPress users to only choose reliable and advanced web hosting providers, so that they do not need to face unexpected downtime after the update or during it. BlueHost upgrading to PHP 5.4 Recently, we came to know about notices issued by Bluehost (A well-known website hosting provider) about their up-gradation to PHP 5.4. This blog post will give a beneficial insight that how these updates will affect the WordPress websites and WordPress users. We will also discuss about the preventive measures that can be taken to avoid any inconvenience, downtime or conflict on your website. Though, whenever web hosting providers plan the PHP updates, they are supposed to work out smoothly, but depending on various factors, they may get terribly wrong also. But, if...Read More
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