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  • Oct 28 / 2015
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Top 5 PaaS to Use with PHP

If there had been no platform, there would be no apps. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an innovative cloud computing model that helps to deliver applications over the web. In this model, a cloud provider offers hardware and software tools, typically those required for application development, to the users as a service. The cloud infrastructure provides the ability to efficiently and quickly design and deploy apps on the Internet, and have them functioning reliably. Typically, the platform functions as an enabler of cloud applications. Discussed here are the top 5 PaaS for PHP, helping you to build highly scalable and robust cloud apps. 1. Heroku Heroku is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that empowers developers to create and run robust and intuitive apps entirely in the cloud. The cloud platform enables developers to design, deploy, monitor and scale apps in an efficient and simple way. It best integrates...Read More
  • Oct 05 / 2015
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Which is the Best PHP Framework among CakePHP, Laravel and Codeigniter?

PHP framework helps developers to write clean and reusable codes. PHP follows MVC pattern, which provides a clear separation of logic and presentation. However, there is much discussion as to which is the best framework for PHP development – CakePHP, Laravel or Codeigniter. Well, this depends on whether one prefers better documentation, superior performance, built-in-functions or other features of PHP. Every framework has its pros and cons, which are discussed herewith to let you determine the right PHP tool for your web development needs. CakePHP CakePHP was one of the first PHP frameworks, founded back when the standard code was Spaghetti. The objective was to make developing websites and applications fast by minimizing the amount of code that a developer needed to write. And lesser time writing codes means more time making money! Pros Built-in ORM is one of the best things about CakePHP. Building queries is simple and fast,...Read More
  • Jan 23 / 2015
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PHP, Web Design

15 Reasons You Should Invest in a Website

People around you own websites for years and you wonder why. Probably, you are living under the rocks for being ignorant about the benefits of investing in a website. Irrespective of whether you own a business, work as a freelancer or pursue a unique talent or hobby, there are many ways a website can take you to places. After reading this discussion, you will have plenty of valid reasons to delay everything else and look for assistance in web design. Websites are Easier to Manage and Maintain With the help of a PHP development company, you can get a website ready within few days and at an affordable price. Moreover, managing a website is like a child’s play with so many web design and management tools available these days. Even if you don’t realize the importance of a website right now, in the future you would and it’s good to...Read More
  • Nov 25 / 2014
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7 Benefits You Will Miss If You Do Not Opt PHP Platform For Your Web Development

While there are lot many platforms available out there for web development, you must be wondering why choosing PHP over other alternatives makes sense. Unquestionably, PHP is one of the most popular web development platforms today all across the world. It is open-source, ease to use and ensure best value for money. Here are the top 7 advantages of PHP you will miss out upon if not selecting this server side scripting language as your website development platform. Read on. A viable and affordable solution As said earlier, PHP is an open-source, meaning free, web development platform. So, PHP web development companies and the website owners need not to pay any license or download fee for the same. So, opting for PHP proves to be an economical choice over time with zero renewal fees. Easy to use and deploy PHP is quite easy to learn for fresh web developers. At the same time, deployment of...Read More
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