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  • Apr 01 / 2014
  • Comments Off on Why Create Cross-Platform App Using PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile ?
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Why Create Cross-Platform App Using PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile ?

In the last four to five years, web technologies, have been more than ever integrated for the development of mobile applications. This has created a vast demand for developing mobile applications in the IT industry. Therefore, web development companies have diverted their interest and work towards the maximum innovation in this field. The major players in the field of developing mobile application are Adobe (Flash), Apple (iPad /iPhone), Microsoft (Silverlight, Windows Phones) and Google (Android). Though a lot of money and time is being invested in the development of these mobile apps, often it so happens that apps are designed for one kind of mobile operating system does not work on phones having a different operating system. Therefore, IT companies are working on the development of app that is compatible with all types operating system. This has contributed in the development of cross platform mobile apps. Such apps help developers to...Read More
  • Feb 24 / 2014
  • Comments Off on A Guide to Find Best Mobile App Development Company
App Development

A Guide to Find Best Mobile App Development Company

The need for mobile apps is becoming imperative for any company to virtually interact with their customers and clients. It is also becoming a necessity for individuals who are using iPhones and Android Smartphone to install certain apps that increases the utility of the device. It is especially important to find the right professional developers otherwise, the risk would end up hurting your business and finally waste of time and money. However, the job becomes critical when you find to hire talented top mobile app developers, who could develop amazing applications for mobile phones. In order to help you find the best mobile app Development Company or developers, here are a few interesting tips and useful guide: Try to make you sure while you approach a developer or mobile app development company, if they are really interested in your business or just want to develop the mobile app. A developer will...Read More
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