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Top 9 Secrets about WordPress

9 WordPress Secrets

While it was originally designed to provide bloggers with an easy-to-setup and easy-to-manage blogging platform, today WordPress own biggest share (about 58%) of websites that run on CMS (Content Management System). So, it is no secret that WordPress is the most popular CMS we have today and goes without saying professional WordPress development companies are in huge demand all across the world.

Having said that, it is absolutely worthwhile digging up those unique qualities or features of WordPress that makes it the most viable CMS choice for all businesses out there.

Following are top 9 secret traits of WordPress that makes it the leader in CMS world and learn why it is time to hire best WordPress Development Company for your business website.

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Over the last decade, many new platforms such as smartphones and tablets have paved their way into the market and gaining immense popularity amongst users. Thus, if you are a business, building a desktop website isn’t enough. Instead you need to own web presence on smartphones and table devices too.

And here is when WordPress comes at your rescue. You need not invest building separate sites for all different platforms out there, instead resort to responsive WordPress Web development, which allows you build a single website in perfect compliance with all devices including desktop, tablet and phones. Your site will look good on all devices, provided you choose the right WordPress development company.

2. Optimal SEO Benefits

WordPress based websites leverage a technology known as ‘htaccess’ that help publish web page URL in SEO-friendly manner in the search results. Simply put, WordPress enables developers to give any desired name to web page URL, meaning they can fit target keyword into the page URL and gain an SEO advantage.

3. Provides a ‘Flash’ Alternative

Flash technology is no longer the only technology for creating animation. Due to some technical oddities or limitations, such as it doesn’t work with mobile phones, Flash isn’t being used any more by web developers and designers. If you want to build a site rich in animation, WordPress has got you covered.

A proficient WordPress development company makes efficient use HTML5 and JavaScript to develop cool animation for your site, with absolutely no need of Flash. Meaning your site’s animation will be supported on phones and tables too.

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4. Simplified Content Editing

With traditional sites, businesses need to approach to developers every time they want to add, edit or update content (text, image, video, audio) on their sites. However, with a WordPress based website, you need not to have any sort of technical knowledge to perform content editing and management.

WordPress sites come with an easy to use backend editor that allows you to upload and edit content extremely easily, with absolutely no need to reach out a WordPress development company every time.

5. A whopping number of plugins and widgets available off-the-shelf

There is absolutely no hype saying WordPress is the benchmark CMS development platform. And thus, there exists a WordPress community that comprises of tens of thousands of developers and designers all across the world who have created thousands of WordPress plugins and widgets (some are free, and some are paid).

So, if you have a WordPress site, you leverage an access to all these thousands of plugins and widgets that enable you to add new features or functionality anytime. You may also consult a WordPress development company to seek help in installing a few of these add-ons to your existing WordPress site.

6. Auto Backup of Website Data

There are plugins available that can help you configure auto backup of your WordPress site data at set time-interval. Or you can always depend on your WordPress development company who can take manual backup of your site database weekly or monthly.

7. No software to purchase

WordPress is a free, open source CMS, meaning you need not pay for any licensed software to own a WordPress site.

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8. Theme based Web Designs

Unlike its conventional counterparts, WordPress have thousands of ready-made themes to choose from. Businesses can browse the themes, pick the one of their choice, and purchase and install the theme. Do I really need to say how it can save you a lot of time and money?

Besides, some WordPress development companies also houses skilled theme designers who can custom build a WordPress theme or customize and existing theme to best fit your online business needs.

9. Great Aesthetics

There are virtually endless choices of layout, colors, fonts, etc. Thanks to CSS designing, WordPress sites ensure stunning visual appeal.

In the light of the discussion, it can be said that WordPress development is the best alternative for superior online presence. At SatvikInfotech, we have helped thousands of businesses build a powerful web presence using WordPress platform. To learn more, get in touch with us NOW!

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