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How To Optimize Load Time On Your WordPress Website & Why It Is Important For Your Business?

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Indeed WordPress is one of the most popular and most widely used CMS today. There are a plenty of advantages that make WordPress the no.1 web development platform amongst individuals, and in businesses of all types and sizes.

But we have often heard businesses complaining about the slow loading time of their WordPress sites. And if you don’t adhere to some effective measures, you may end up having a sluggish WordPress site that can make you loss customers and repeat visitors.

Why Fast Loading of Your Site is Important

If a visitor arrives at your site for the first time, you only got 10 seconds, says a study, to convince them to browse your web pages or else set to let them go. If you are into web based business since a long time now then you probably know the importance of an appealing design, branding and right content sequence in order to win visitors’ attention.

However, if your site takes more time to load, there are fair chances that you lose your prospects even before you get the opportunity to convert them into potential customers. There are many studies that say site owners have got very short timeframe to load their sites before the visitors go away, particularly when they are directed to those sites from other sites they were browsing.

Besides this, search engine crawlers too consider site speed in its web page ranking algorithm; meaning lower site loading can increase bounce rate and badly impact your search engine ranking, eventually impacting your online sales and visibility.

Wondering how to optimize loading time of your WordPress website? Read on folks.

how to optimize page load speed?

Find a good web hosting provider – Yes, the selection of web hosting service provider and hosting package can remarkably impact upon your site loading speed. So, don’t get trapped by those cheap or free hosting offers on the internet, instead it is recommended to consult a good WordPress web development company to help you choose the right hosting service.

Select the right theme – Not all WordPress themes feature equal load time. Some takes too less time to load and some take more than standard time due to its hundreds of bells and whistles. Selecting the right theme can considerably reduce your load time.

Integrate with a CDN – Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can considerably reduce the bandwidth usage, which in turn optimize your site loading speed.

Know plugins that contributes to slow load time – Download and integrate diagnostic plugin which will show you how other plugins impact the page load speed of your site. Choose your plugins smartly!

Opt for Gzip Compression – It allows you to compress web pages in Gzip file while transmitting content from site’s server to the browser, which eventually optimizes the load time.

Use Compressed Images – Large size images can consume more of bandwidth and badly impact the site speed. If you want to boost your site speed, it is recommended to use compressed images.

Besides the above mentioned tips, there are some other ways like enabling browser caching, cleaning the database, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, etc., if followed, can optimize your site speed considerably.

Furthermore, the exponentially increase in mobile internet browsing is increasing the demand of fast loading sites. At Satvik Infotech, our experienced WordPress developers best understand the significance of site speed in SEO and thus we strive to undertake everything it takes for a fast loading WordPress web development.

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