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6 Insane (But True) Things about WordPress Developers

Wordpress developer qualities

Let’s face it! Website development is not just about designing it in WordPress, hand coding and implementing it. To create a successful website, it is important to have expert knowledge in properly integrating and customizing the web pages on WordPress. Moreover, the popular website development platform has hundreds of plugins and extensions that only experienced WordPress developers know how to leverage to the fullest. Additionally, to have your website or blog cope with the throat-cut competition and attract visitors, it is important to continually update it by integrating modern design elements and layouts, latest information and other necessary tweaks.

So, you can understand that the job of a WordPress developer is not simple. And perhaps, that is why they are often considered the craziest people who devour their time in designing and developing visually striking and high performance websites that deliver results. Here are the 6 unique qualities that WordPress programmers possess:

1. Insane Qualities…All in One!

Saying insane might be too harsh, but WordPress developers typically are the ones who possess a myriad of skills related to WordPress development. So, you can call them to be a one-stop solution for all your needs. From expert knowledge in custom designed WordPress website development to custom WordPress themes, from creating a website from an existing theme to WordPress development, website maintenance & support, troubleshooting and everything related to WordPress installation, you can rely upon an experienced WordPress developer. Insane and unbelievable, right?

2. They Read and Learn…Always

Wordpress developer are self learner

This is too good to be true, but for WordPress programmers, this is a reality. They know the competition; they know the importance to be on the top of latest developments in WordPress. Otherwise, they would be thrown out of the industry if they are unable to keep pace with evolving time. Therefore, when they are not working, they are either reading or honing their skills on the keyboard. Good, though!

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3. Prompt and Professional Communication

Does stereotype IT professionals bug you down? Trust me, WordPress developers aren’t among them. I personally know many WordPress web designers and developers who have break through the mould and possess superb communication skills. Most importantly, they are also gadget-friendly and therefore, are available for open and prompt communication round-the-clock. They might possess some insane qualities, but when they are talking to you, they are calm, professional, clear, upfront and reasonable.

4. They Know How to Manage Time

Wordpress developer are expert in time management

This is an insane quality that WordPress programmers possess. Insane because effective time management is not everybody’s cup of tea. At least from my experience I can tell that there are many website developers who promise to deliver on time, but comes up with lame excuses every time. Rest assured that WordPress developers are not among them. They schedule their work in a realistic and flexible way, and manage time accordingly to deliver the project on time.

5. They have Business Skills too

This goes for self-employed WordPress programmers who have reasonable business skills, which you can best leverage to generate good returns (if you are smart enough). They have the ability to accurately quote for every project and predict how long each work will take to complete. They have the ability to integrate unexpected changes in the project and work optimistically to deliver the best outcomes.

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6. Technical Skills

Though not insane, but WordPress developers possess vast technical skills and knowledge in WordPress as well as other programming languages like PHP. MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.


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