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Mobile App Marketing: Pre & Post Launch App Marketing Strategy Revealed

pre & post app launch

While there are thousands of apps in the app store selling the same products or services you offer, getting a good number of downloads for your own app is a biggest challenge. And the scenario is same with all platforms – whether it is iOS, Android or windows. Every business or app owner out there is exploring ways, tricks or ideas on how to make its app stand out.

A good mobile app marketing company will cover both pre-launch and post-launch phase into their full-proof app marketing strategy. An expert marketer will include both paid and organic promotional channels. Without adding further ado, let’s check out a complete guide to mobile app marketing rules that actually work.

Pre-Launch Strategy Defining Elements

Yes, you need not to wait till your app goes live. Start marketing the moment you begin with the development of your mobile app and become even more active with the promotional stuff as the launch comes closer. Following are some sure-fire tips shared by the top-notch experts of the niche.

  • Know your targeted keywords – In a layman language, it is a term that your targeted audience is most likely to use to identify or search what your app does. You app marketing company shall provide you with a detail understanding of keyword analysis. Selecting right keywords for your app is extremely crucial to ensure success.
  • Decide the right name – Seems quite obvious, right? Well, your app name has to be unique, relevant to what your app is all about, and interesting of course. Browse the online app stores to get a better idea!
  • Know your market competitors – Once you are aware of which keywords you are targeting, you can quickly recognize who your competitors are. Studying their apps’ features, reviews and marketing agendas will help you improve development and your marketing plan.

Furthermore, there are some other tips such as selecting the right category, creating an outstanding icon, and showcasing quality and exciting screenshots will help you attract visitors and boost downloads.

Post Launch – Strategy Rules Worth Considering

No, your job doesn’t end with the launch of the app. Rather, the real work starts now. You need to start marketing your app to all the possible levels and ways. Here I have divided the tips into two category –

Organic Promotion

  • If you want to understand as well as trace your mobile app distribution process, make sure you sign up for a good analytic tool.
  • Let the app review sites as well as authors pen down about your app’s review. This will help draw in more downloads and popularity for your app.
  • Don’t forget to share your app and the content inside the app on various social media platforms. In a marketing language, it’s called word of mouth technique. And believe me, it still works!
  • You can also buck up users to review or rate your mobile app
  • While it’s a fact that mobiles are holding a considerable share of digital world, web still matters. And thus, it is strongly recommended that you create a web page for your app.

Paid Promotion

  • Install a good mobile app download tracking tool to figure out the paid ad source the visitor is coming from
  • Consistently calculate the total number of downloads needed to be in the top chart
  • Once your app has created a buzz, cut down on your paid marketing and maintain keyword rankings organically

The guide will help you make the most of your app or We at Satvik Infotech can help you to reach you goals with our unique app marketing strategies.

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