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Top 5 ERP Software to Integrate with Magento Ecommerce Platform

Magento ERP integration

Choosing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software depends largely on your ecommerce business processes, size of the company, the existing accounting system, and key features of the ERP solution that you plan to use. ERP is integral business management software that helps to manage different aspects like product planning & development, sales and marketing. If you have an ecommerce platform, powered by Magento, integrating ERP software to it is one of the best ways to manage your business and monitor processes effectively and accurately.

If you are looking for the best ERP software to integrate with Magento, here are the top 5 ERP packages for your consideration:

1. SAP

SAP is one of the best ERP solutions to integrate with Magento, helping ecommerce websites to meet their B2B and B2C needs. This includes real-time inventory, invoice information, pricing calls, etc, which are provided in front-end user experience. SAP can be integrated with Magento via custom SOAP-based services, IDOC, and batch processing. Here are some key features of SAP-Magento integration:

  • Order export from Magento ecommerce platform to SAP
  • Customer import from SAP to Magento
  • Best cart pricing import into Magento
  • Inventory import into Magento
  • Promotion pricing import into Magento
  • Catalog import from SAP into Magento

Growth in average order value, boost in traffic, increase in online sales, and seamless integration with backend system are some fantastic results that you can get with SAP to Magento integration.

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2. Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an effective ERP solution that can be integrated with Magento to automate and streamline the process of creating orders and customer accounts. It enables multiple breakpoints, quick reorder process, streamlined and improved delivery fulfillment, and integration with cloud-based financials and approval system. The result – faster website, quick and simple ordering process, and increase in online sales. Furthermore, it facilitates SEO and marketing capabilities, multi-language, shipping and payments, and multi-currency solutions. Key integration features are:

  • Customer create function exported from Magento Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Order export from Magento to Dynamics
  • Catalog import into Magento
  • Customer update function imported to Magento
  • Order status edit and update import from AX into Magento

3. NetSuite

It is a cloud-based ERP solution that facilitates real-time reporting and data to enable faster and informed decision making. Ecommerce websites that harness NetSuite, with the flexibility and scalability of Magento, are empowered to be most successful in the market. Key highlights of NetSuite-Magento integration are:

  • Customer and order data export from Magento to NetSuite
  • Product data managed in NetSuite to update in Magento
  • Shipments imported from NetSuite to Magento
  • Magento Side Queuing feature ensures that customers do not have to wait for data to be accepted in NetSuite

4. Sage ERP

Sage ERP solution helps ecommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes to manage their finances and accounting; make invoicing simple; manage payments; and deliver real-time business information to help make critical decisions and expand your business without sacrificing efficiency. Key Sage ERP Magento integration touch points are:

  • Inventory details
  • Product details
  • Customer information
  • Payment and shipping
  • Status updates
  • Sales orders

5. Epicor

Epicor is innovative ERP software to integrate with Magento, delivering the flexibility, choice and agility to make strategic decisions and eliminate waste. It focuses on streamlining processes, reducing costs and enhancing customer responsiveness. Key touch points include:

  • Inbound cash receipts and sales order in Epicor
  • Consolidated invoice, outbound inventory, customer export, outbound product, outbound posed invoice, shipment export, outbound sales order in Epicor ERP
  • Inbound customer and inventory update, inbound shipment create, and inbound product update at Magento

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