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How Much Does It Costs to Develop a Magento Based eCommerce Store?

When it comes to developing an ecommerce website, nothing can beat the efficiency of Magento. Magento has retained its position of being an undisputed leader for some years now with regards to ecommerce store development. You can very easily say that magento is a sobriquet of ecommerce and these two are often found mentioned together.

The fact that you are reading this post entitles that you too have heard about the immense potential of Magento when it comes to development of ecommerce sites. However, though you have heard about Magento, you definitely intend to know how much money you will need to spend in order to get your ecommerce store developed using Magento. However, there are certain aspects that need clarification before we get into the actual thing related to costing.

Some aspects that you need to ponder over

The foremost aspect to consider is your exact intent of developing an ecommerce store. Obviously you intend to sell some products; however, is this something that you have seriously given a thought to and expect nothing less that best?

All this is said because of the simple reason that Magento web development cost may vary with different companies. Some companies may charge you high prices, while others may perform your job at dirt cheap rates.

You need to choose a Magento development company that is not only reliable, but also has the necessary acumen and expertise of dishing out an exceptionally good ecommerce store for you. So remember that even if you need to shed some extra cash than what you have already decided as your budget, don’t compromise on quality of your ecommerce store. Remember that you are out to do business and revenues will depend on the quality you provide to your customers. So choose wisely.

What are your options with regards to Magento web development cost?

As mentioned above, your intent needs to be clear to choose any of the below given options. Once you know what you want, the choice will become easy. So let us see what these different options are.

Basic ecommerce store ($2500 – $3500)

This option is best for people who are new to the market. These are businesses that need to test the waters first before taking the dedicated plunge, or are looking out for some low cost option to launch their ecommerce store initially and then upgrade gradually.

You can expect to get the following if you choose this option:

  • Below 10K SKU’s
  • Option to use functionality of Magento
  • Magento Community Site
  • Simple themes
  • Hassle free CMS use
  • Integration with systems in your back office not possible
  • The price range given above will depend on functionality expected

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Customized ecommerce store ($4000 – $7000)

Customization is for people who have the money to spend in order to seriously enter the world of ecommerce.

You can expect to get the following if you choose this option:

  • Vast number of SKU’s
  • Customized designs
  • Back office system integration
  • CMS and extensions
  • Magento Community Platform
  • Customer groups
  • Facebook login
  • Host migration
  • Clean up and Data migration
  • Crone jobs and customized scripts
  • QA and testing
  • Customized attributes needed for products creation
  • Integration with Sage, accounting systems and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Customized and downloadable product types

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Customized Enterprise ecommerce store ($10000 – $50000)

This one is for the really serious people who want to enter the market with a long term business view.

You can expect to get the following if you choose this option:

  • Vast number of SKU’s
  • Customized designs
  • Inventory software integration along with accounting software
  • Integration with social media
  • WYSIWYG enabled CMS
  • Customer groups
  • Admin access set up
  • Shipping providers/ rates integration
  • Host migration
  • Training
  • QA and testing

All the above mentioned information will help you in making a choice based on your needs. So decide what suits you best and contact a reputed Magento development company for your needs.

Note: The prices are based on the project basis. However, it may changes according to project requirements.

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