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What Are The Top Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Magento Platform?


Unlike earlier days, internet has made it extremely easy, highly affordable and quick for businesses to open their stores online. If you want to sell your products or services online, the cost needed for the development of an ecommerce website, meaning online shopping cart website or online store, has been reduced considerably. And believe me, this cost is much lower that what you need to open a new brick-mortar store.

Now once you have defined your business objectives, vision, targeted niche and USP of products or services offered, the very next step is to choose the right Ecommerce development platform. And this is when Magento comes on the scene. Today, Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platform amongst online retailers or sellers.

In this post, you will go through the top advantages and disadvantages of choosing Magento for your ecommerce website.

Magento Advantages

Bespoke business solutions

bespoke business

Magento offers four different editions to suit need of every business out there – Magento Community, Magento Enterprise, Magento Enterprise Premium and Magento Go. Every edition caters to a specific niche of people or businesses. If you have outsourced your ecommerce web development needs to Magento development company India, they shall help you choose the right edition depending your needs and budget.

Vast Community

As said earlier, Magento is a popular ecommerce development platform so likely to have a huge community of users as well as developers. Yes, it says that you won’t find it challenging to search a reliable and reputable Magento development company. Besides that, there are so many online discussion forums, boards and guides available to help you with Magento development.

Open-source platform

Magento is an open source platform, meaning you can download it for free to build your own Magento store online.

Faster development

Fast development with Magento

While customizing the design, content and feature of your Magento store will need some additional time, the ecommerce platform offers some free templates that makes the job easier and faster. There won’t be hype if I say that one can open up a new store in a day or simply in a few hours using Magento.

SEO Optimization

There is no point of having a web based store if it is not seeing any traffic. SEO is the key to ensure your online visibility amongst targeted audience. And Magento provides you with some in-built SEO friendly features that let you optimize your web pages in a way to making you leverage higher search engine rankings.

Payment Gateways

Magento supports all major payment options including PayPal Express and Website Payment Pro. Ask your Magento development company India to learn more about the payment gateways supported by Magento platform.

Third Party Google Services

Your Magento ecommerce site will have default integration of Google services including Google analytics, Google checkout and Google Base, which will help you keep trace on traffic and conversation rate.

Mobile Friendly


Magento mobile is a key to have seamless integration of your online store with all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

On top of all, Magento offers a wide pool of advanced features such as auto currency rate update, customer review, ‘send to a friend’ option, and a room for detail customization (in themes, widgets, modules and add-ons). Magento has a potential to accommodate the future growth and expansion of your online store.


  • You will need to pay for web hosting. Some Magento development company also provides a comprehensive development package inclusive of domain and web hosting services.
  • Magento demands a good amount of space and memory on server. So, you will need to optimize usage in a way to reduce space and improve store’s performance.
  • You will need to take help of a Magento development company or developers for deep customization in your ecommerce website.

Hiring a good Magento development company from India can make you overcome the 3 drawbacks of Magento as discussed above. So, what are you waiting for? Call Satvik Infotech for affordable and quality Magento development in India.

Do you have some more advantages or disadvantages in your mind? Please share with us in a comment below.

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