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Mobile App Development Services

mobile app development services

Smartphones are the call of the hour and mobile application development is a hot trend these days. We as the mobile application development company India develop applications not only for PCs but also for mobile phones including iPhone. We extend our support to your business webpages by offering compatibility in mobile phones as well with our result oriented mobile app development services.

The Mobile app development services involve the process of developing application for low-power hand-held devices, such as tablets or mobile phones. Though there are numerous best mobile app development company India but Satvik Infotech creates a difference with our unique blend of quality and affordability. How? Here’s the answer:

  • The mobile applications we develop can be pre installed on phones during manufacturing or downloaded by customers who are interested about your website or product.
  • Our mobile application developer team build up a mobile app considering its compatibility across lengthy array of screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations which powers you to contend against your competitors.
  • We ensure availability of your mobile application through various mobile app distribution platforms.

Our IPhone App Development

An iPhone is not only famous but quite unique and different in its Operating System and mode of programming when compared to that of a Symbian phone or Android phone. The huge popularity of Apple phones have been the core reason of high demand in iPhone application development. In fact the stats also prove it out – as per the recent statistic (as on June 2013) Apple’s App Store contained more than 900,000 iOS applications.

If these stats also provide your company with a foresight and dream of launching your mobile application in apple iOS devices then we provide an all embracing iOS app development services India. We develop iOS applications which are compatible to run on iOS devices. Moreover we thoroughly understand that the iOS is subject to continuous change and it is necessary to cope up with the change and hence we extend our support by delivering application which copes up with the upgrading or evolving new applications which is compatible to upgraded versions of mobile operating system.

Our Android App Development

The current leading market which is unbelievably competitive to that of iOS is none other than the Android market. Over the year, the android OS has underwent several prominent changes but the most famous and the huge hit one in the list is of Jelly bean. What make our Android app development services so special are these 3 features:

  • Our highly proficient android developers understand thoroughly the evolution of android system. We focus on covering certain outdated version of android so that the compatibility of application reaches every nook and corner of mobile world.
  • For developing a highly efficient android application for mobiles we rely on a mobile development framework called PhoneGap. PhoneGap app development is an excellent tool enabling software developers to develop mobile applications. This framework allows developers to create applications using JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. The applications we develop using PhoneGap are hybrid which means all these are neither actually web-based nor merely native.
  • We never compromise with the quality of services we provide and always try to provide top notch quality services to clients.

Mobile Applications developed by our highly expert team of professionals using PhoneGap are supported by mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, Google Android, LG webOS, Microsoft Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian OS and RIM BlackBerry. In addition the PhoneGap is upgraded in such a way it supports the OS of Samsung mobiles as well.

We can assure with great pride that the applications developed by us will help your website to climb up in page rank with an ease. Please contact us now if you have a creative app idea.

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