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  • Jan 23 / 2015
  • Comments Off on 15 Reasons You Should Invest in a Website
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15 Reasons You Should Invest in a Website

People around you own websites for years and you wonder why. Probably, you are living under the rocks for being ignorant about the benefits of investing in a website. Irrespective of whether you own a business, work as a freelancer or pursue a unique talent or hobby, there are many ways a website can take you to places. After reading this discussion, you will have plenty of valid reasons to delay everything else and look for assistance in web design. Websites are Easier to Manage and Maintain With the help of a PHP development company, you can get a website ready within few days and at an affordable price. Moreover, managing a website is like a child’s play with so many web design and management tools available these days. Even if you don’t realize the importance of a website right now, in the future you would and it’s good to...Read More
  • Dec 22 / 2014
  • Comments Off on Top SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design That Actually Works
Web Design

Top SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design That Actually Works

What is Responsive Web Design to a Layman Matt Cutts from Google, Inc. have simplified the technical definition of responsive web design saying it is a type of web design or website that works perfectly fine whether it is accessed from a desktop browser or a mobile browser; the page size will be scaled and so as all the content of the page automatically ensuring same user experience across all devices and platforms. Now, please stress on the word ‘auto scaling’. If we see this from a technical point of view, you simply need to develop one website and it will be suitable for all devices including desktops, mobile phones and tablets available out there. Sounds great right? Here are the top 5 Unmissable SEO advantages of responsive web design Google, the search engine king, praise it! Let’s be honest! We do what Google recommends us to do and act as the search engine giant...Read More
  • Jun 30 / 2014
  • Comments Off on ASP.NET Development – Features That Make It Different From Other Web Development Framework
ASP.net, Web Design

ASP.NET Development – Features That Make It Different From Other Web Development Framework

ASP.NET is sure a heavyweight when it comes to web development frameworks. ASP.NET has actually taken on the place of PHP which even a couple of years ago was supposed to be the frontrunner of all scripting languages and dedicated to millions of websites. ASP.NET is backed by Microsoft and interestingly also supports any .NET language. The increasing popularity of ASP.NET was triggered by Microsoft’s dominance with the Internet Explorer browser but today it has extended to every other browser. Here are certain things that make it different and better than other scripting frameworks. ASP.NET has stood the test of stout code structure and new age concepts. This is the framework that has given businesses a platform to challenge competition with its vast resources. There is certainly little to complain about ASP.NET as its takes giant stride in the software development world today with better security features, easier codes and user...Read More
  • May 17 / 2014
  • Comments Off on How To Choose WordPress Theme?
Web Design, Wordpress

How To Choose WordPress Theme?

The Wordpress theme has become exponentially in the last few years and there's a ceaseless supply of Wordpress topics hailing from free engineers and commercial centres. With such a large number of decisions accessible, how would you pick a Wordpress topic? Should great outline and typography be the main criteria or are there different things you ought to search for before picking a topic?Outline is clearly the most essential component yet not alone. Most Wordpress topic engineers have a demo site where you can altogether assess the different characteristics of their topics and these live demos can help you choose whether a theme is worth having or not. How regularly is the theme redesigned or updated? Search for the change log where theme engineers detail new characteristics that have been added to the topic and the different bugs that have been altered about whether. Don't strive for topics that are exquisite...Read More
  • Apr 11 / 2014
  • Comments Off on How to Choose CMS between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal ?
Web Design

How to Choose CMS between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal ?

Building a website is not an easy task there is a lot of thinking that needs to go along with some decisions that are to be made. There are two options for building a website either one has to build with the help of HTML codes which are often tedious or use a content management system or CMS. A CMS is basically a type of web application that helps one in creating, managing and editing a website. It is a user friendly way of maintaining a website without always taking the help of a web developer or using tedious HTML codes to make updates or post an announcement on the website. It other words CMS actually makes life easier for those having a website. How to choose the right CMS There many CMS’s that one can choose from; however, the three key CMSs are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. There two important questions that...Read More
  • Apr 10 / 2014
  • Comments Off on What Is Responsive Web Design And Why Should You Care About It?
Web Design

What Is Responsive Web Design And Why Should You Care About It?

Adroit, Intuitive Mobile Surfing Responsive web design is a method for making a solitary site that works viably on both desktop programs and the bunch of cell phones available. Responsive structural engineering gives the best quality searching knowledge - whether on a cell phone, tablet, notebook or eBook and paying little respect to the working framework. Individuals who surf while on-the-go have altogether different needs than those sitting at a work area. Responsive sites re-arrange themselves naturally as stated by the gadget seeing them, so that the same site gives an extraordinary encounter all over the place. Desktops get a full-blown interface with features, vast pictures and liveliness. Cell phones get an improved site that runs quick without the extravagant accessories. Tablets and net books get something amidst. Conveying an App-Like Experience. Versatile situations oblige less difficult route, centred substance and quick page loads. In the event that a site has a responsive outline,...Read More
  • Dec 31 / 2013
  • Comments Off on Why responsive web design is important?
Web Design

Why responsive web design is important?

The fast track world that we live in today, no one wants a website that takes a while to load. It is a matter of seconds, but still if it takes a while users are tend to skip that one and move on to other website. With ever changing world, why websites should stay static? The good old days when website was all about information are gone. Now attractive websites with good user interface and eye pleasing images and templates are the one user wants to visit. Websites are for every business no matter small or big. They have proved to be the best medium for customer attraction. So, the rule is simple ‘a good website attracts more customers’. Responsive websites is what the word is. But first let’s see what a responsive website means.’ A website that works on any platform, any device and is error free. Fits in any...Read More
  • Dec 15 / 2013
  • Comments Off on Advantages of having a WordPress website
Web Design

Advantages of having a WordPress website

Over the years we have witnessed many changes when it comes to websites. The websites that used to be all about content and information are now attractive, user friendly, eye catching sources for users. Website is made from HTML, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla and the list goes on. All these platforms have some or the other thing that make them different from other platforms. It is tough to choose between such platforms. Today we will take a look at why Wordpress is better then other platforms. With some simple yet effective points, today we will see why websites made on Wordpress platforms are important and why they are different from others and also what are the advantages of such websites. There are basically two types of wordpress website. The first one being, a blogging platform where you can create your own blogs and share information with others and the domain name...Read More
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