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  • Dec 31 / 2013
  • Comments Off on Why responsive web design is important?
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Why responsive web design is important?

The fast track world that we live in today, no one wants a website that takes a while to load. It is a matter of seconds, but still if it takes a while users are tend to skip that one and move on to other website. With ever changing world, why websites should stay static? The good old days when website was all about information are gone. Now attractive websites with good user interface and eye pleasing images and templates are the one user wants to visit. Websites are for every business no matter small or big. They have proved to be the best medium for customer attraction. So, the rule is simple ‘a good website attracts more customers’. Responsive websites is what the word is. But first let’s see what a responsive website means.’ A website that works on any platform, any device and is error free. Fits in any...Read More
  • Dec 15 / 2013
  • Comments Off on Advantages of having a WordPress website
Web Design

Advantages of having a WordPress website

Over the years we have witnessed many changes when it comes to websites. The websites that used to be all about content and information are now attractive, user friendly, eye catching sources for users. Website is made from HTML, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla and the list goes on. All these platforms have some or the other thing that make them different from other platforms. It is tough to choose between such platforms. Today we will take a look at why Wordpress is better then other platforms. With some simple yet effective points, today we will see why websites made on Wordpress platforms are important and why they are different from others and also what are the advantages of such websites. There are basically two types of wordpress website. The first one being, a blogging platform where you can create your own blogs and share information with others and the domain name...Read More
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