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  • Jun 30 / 2014
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ASP.NET Development – Features That Make It Different From Other Web Development Framework

ASP.NET is sure a heavyweight when it comes to web development frameworks. ASP.NET has actually taken on the place of PHP which even a couple of years ago was supposed to be the frontrunner of all scripting languages and dedicated to millions of websites. ASP.NET is backed by Microsoft and interestingly also supports any .NET language. The increasing popularity of ASP.NET was triggered by Microsoft’s dominance with the Internet Explorer browser but today it has extended to every other browser. Here are certain things that make it different and better than other scripting frameworks.

ASP.NET has stood the test of stout code structure and new age concepts. This is the framework that has given businesses a platform to challenge competition with its vast resources. There is certainly little to complain about ASP.NET as its takes giant stride in the software development world today with better security features, easier codes and user oriented frameworks. .NET is really a treat for all online businesses trying to secure their brand online.

Superior quality

ASP.NET developers can create applications that have unmatched functionalities and features and promises the top tier qualities. Today, it is the single most use platform to create highly sophisticated web and mobile apps that are immune to crashes even if being equipped with complicated features.

Easy coding

One of the top aspects of ASP.NET, it provides development companies mastering syntax specifications. Today, the world of software development is wrapped around complications for supremacy. It is easy to come across unintentional add errors rendering the code unusable. The ASP.Net platform helps keep all these possibilities at bay and there is minimum occurrence of any sort of errors. This language has the easiest coding structure and ASP.Net developers also have the independence to use VB.NET and C# – two of the most popular editors. The syntax therein is easier to understand even for a less experienced developer.

Security features

Another reason why ASP.NET development companies prefer the framework is because of its exceptional security features. With hacking practices evolving along with technology, it is easy to have a small piece of script render you whole application useless or worse. ASP.NET has been integrating the latest security updates that provide impenetrable authentication and illegitimate access. There is little room for malicious bots to ruin a server.

Vast customization possibilities

Today, the measure of a product is not by the value it provides but by its flexibility. ASP.Net is a constantly evolving technology and can seamlessly sync your end result with the latest trends. This is highly important when looking up to constant competition. ASP.Net also allows developers to create highly responsive apps that adapt the business platform to all kinds of devices.

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