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  • Jan 28 / 2015
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17 Reasons why your business needs a blog

Every now and then there is talk about the need of a blog. Sometimes you might also hear people speaking about a blog being not much of a necessity. Well, here we are then to explain about the immense potential of a blog for boosting your business revenue. Surprised? You will not be surprised once you read through this post. This will silence everyone who is talking against having a WordPress blog and also suffice the various questions in minds of people who do feel the necessity of a blog. however, are not aware about how much they can gain from it in terms of increase visitors and eventually, increase revenue for business.


So here goes….

1. Drive the booty (Web traffic) to your sites

Don’t tell us you do not want web traffic. However, creating email lists, placing ads and other such things may prove expensive. Contrastingly, with a blog, you can post as much relevant content as you want to attract visitors to your website. Most importantly, all this is possible with very low investment. Isn’t this an attractive proposition?

2. Create direct communication

With a blog in place, communication channels are liberated. Your audience can easily find relevant information and in turn communicate with you easily. Obviously, ensure that your blog is developed with rich content. Avoid stupid posts please! If you don’t pay attention to this, be ready for a backslash.

3. Fuel your SEO campaign

What does a search engine love? CONTENT…This is exactly the fodder you provide via your blog. Your search ranking gets better and you achieve more visitors in return.

4. Convert traffic to revenue generating leads

With loads of visitors to your site, opportunities for converting them into potential revenue generating leads gets a boost. So grab them as they come.

5. Establish authority for your brand

Constantly answering queries of your target audience via your blog posts, generates trust amongst your visitors. This eventually builds a strong reputation of your brand and creates an authority over the internet. Your brand is known by many and hence, authority is unmistakably developed over the internet.

6. Create an online voice for your business

Whatever you launch; new service, products etc. gets a voice with a blog. It creates an avenue that extends further than your website and informs your audience about your new initiatives. So start using this voice to gain customers.

7. Two way traffic

As you get traffic to your blog, visitors start posting comments and provide you with valuable feedback. You can then revert with answers or suggestions; thus creating a two way traffic. This two way communication is good for your customers too. However, ensure that your respond promptly, as if you fail to revert, this can again prove fatal and you may loose customers.

8. Build customer confidence

Having a blog ensures that your audience looks up to you as a provider of valuable information on a regular basis. This also invokes confidence about your business and eventually proves beneficial.

9. Build lasting relationships

With increased trust amongst customers, you end up developing lasting relationships with them. Constant communication forms the key element for such relationships.

10. Get user insight

Analytics provides you with information about visitor interests. You can track visitor activity on your blog and base your future course of action accordingly.

11. Long term gains

Even if people forget about your website, they will always be hooked up onto your blog. Obviously this is possible only if you have good content. This long term association leads to long term gains for your business.

12. Blogs make you think hard

When you have a blog, the need to come up with catchy topics is always on your agenda. This leads to hard thinking and also allows you to get a grip over your visitors by providing them what they need. You will think about topics that will further increase your audience. So put on your thinking caps and start hunting for hot topics.

13. You will always lead the pack

How is this possible? Well, when competitors are busy spending money over marketing campaigns, your blog is doing that job easily for you. You reach a much wider audience than your competitors; thus staying ahead of the pack always.

14. Sharpen focus on your business

When you define the topics for your blog, or develop a strategy for your blog, you focus on business is sharpened in the process. Your understand why and for whom you are writing the blogs for. This in turn is good for your business.

15. Write stories

You may always feel the need to explain in depth about your brand, your logo or just about everything related to your business to visitors. However, this is not possible on your website. This is where your WordPress blog rescues you and provides ample space to EXPRESS!

16. Design expertise not needed

With a WordPress Blog, you don’t have to be a website design wizard. WordPress is easy to use and posting blogs on a daily basis is not much difficult. This also ensures that you don’t have to employ someone and pay him or her to post your blogs. So engage in the fun of blogging and increase your revenue in the process.

17. Blogging is fun

This though explained last, is of utmost importance. The fun element associated with blogging helps rejuvenate you. It energizes you with creative thinking, sharpens focus and makes the entire activity of adding customers to your business an enjoyable experience.

We hope that you have understood what immense potential a WordPress blog holds. The amount of trust, increased loyalty towards your brand, sharpened focus, good communication, lasting relationships and most importantly, the fun of performing all this, just cannot be ignored.

If you still have doubts or wanna create blog for your business, then get in touch with us here. We at Satvik Infotech can provide you with expert advice related to blogging for business and how to embark on your blogging journey.

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