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  • Dec 18 / 2015
  • Comments Off on 10 Incredible Tips to Build a High Quality Landing Page
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10 Incredible Tips to Build a High Quality Landing Page

It can be undoubtedly said that your landing pages are the most important elements for capturing leads and aid your conversions. The forms accompanied with these landing pages are also equally important. Together these two elements add to your lead generation endeavor. So keeping these things in mind when engaging in your web development or landing page endeavor is important. Marketers will always claim that without the presence of a good landing page, ability of conversions is short lived. However, with presence of a good landing page, you are actually empowered to convert your site visitors into productive leads. The primary reason behind this is the intent and ability of a landing page to direct your site visitors to some of your targeted pages in order to affect conversions. These landing pages have proved to be better lead converters than normal websites and forms too. 10 tips that will help you build quality...Read More
  • Dec 08 / 2015
  • Comments Off on How Much Does It Costs to Develop a Magento Based eCommerce Store?

How Much Does It Costs to Develop a Magento Based eCommerce Store?

When it comes to developing an ecommerce website, nothing can beat the efficiency of Magento. Magento has retained its position of being an undisputed leader for some years now with regards to ecommerce store development. You can very easily say that magento is a sobriquet of ecommerce and these two are often found mentioned together. The fact that you are reading this post entitles that you too have heard about the immense potential of Magento when it comes to development of ecommerce sites. However, though you have heard about Magento, you definitely intend to know how much money you will need to spend in order to get your ecommerce store developed using Magento. However, there are certain aspects that need clarification before we get into the actual thing related to costing. Some aspects that you need to ponder over The foremost aspect to consider is your exact intent of developing an ecommerce store....Read More
  • Nov 30 / 2015
  • Comments Off on WordPress Website Launch Checklist: Things to Do Before Launching a WordPress Website

WordPress Website Launch Checklist: Things to Do Before Launching a WordPress Website

So the big day has arrived when you are ready for the launch of your new WordPress website. All the toiling and hard work you might have put in for planning, designing, coordinating amongst team member, organizing various things and finally completing your finished product, is now set to bear fruit. You and your team have also made preparations for celebration and all the excitement has reached its peak. However, what if you have missed something in all this frenzy? Well, if such an unfortunate situation really arises, you will kick yourself about your carelessness. All the celebration will have to wait for some more time and you will have to start fixing things that were missed. So, how to avoid such issues? Prepare a WordPress website launch checklist Now this has been taught during your school days. Having to-do lists or checklists is extremely necessary. Though this has been told to you...Read More
  • Nov 25 / 2015
  • Comments Off on Why Responsive Website Design is Crucial in Increasing Conversion Rate?
Web Design

Why Responsive Website Design is Crucial in Increasing Conversion Rate?

Everyone knows that making a website which is able to appeal you customers is extremely vital; however, while making your website appealing, you cannot ignore the fact that your website is meant to convert your traffic into leads and thereby gain revenue. These leads can be from phone calls, location visits, submissions or contact forms. If you are failing to take proper action in this regards, then your prospects of generating revenue from your website are quite bleak. It is natural that better conversions will lead to an accentuated growth in terms of revenue for your business. This means that you need to stay in sync with latest happenings in the technology world and ensure that your website is able to match trends. One important aspect that has popped up in recent years is a responsive website design. If your website is not able to match this every growing sector, you are...Read More
  • Nov 06 / 2015
  • Comments Off on Top 5 ERP Software to Integrate with Magento Ecommerce Platform

Top 5 ERP Software to Integrate with Magento Ecommerce Platform

Choosing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software depends largely on your ecommerce business processes, size of the company, the existing accounting system, and key features of the ERP solution that you plan to use. ERP is integral business management software that helps to manage different aspects like product planning & development, sales and marketing. If you have an ecommerce platform, powered by Magento, integrating ERP software to it is one of the best ways to manage your business and monitor processes effectively and accurately. If you are looking for the best ERP software to integrate with Magento, here are the top 5 ERP packages for your consideration: 1. SAP SAP is one of the best ERP solutions to integrate with Magento, helping ecommerce websites to meet their B2B and B2C needs. This includes real-time inventory, invoice information, pricing calls, etc, which are provided in front-end user experience. SAP can be integrated with...Read More
  • Oct 28 / 2015
  • Comments Off on Top 5 PaaS to Use with PHP

Top 5 PaaS to Use with PHP

If there had been no platform, there would be no apps. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an innovative cloud computing model that helps to deliver applications over the web. In this model, a cloud provider offers hardware and software tools, typically those required for application development, to the users as a service. The cloud infrastructure provides the ability to efficiently and quickly design and deploy apps on the Internet, and have them functioning reliably. Typically, the platform functions as an enabler of cloud applications. Discussed here are the top 5 PaaS for PHP, helping you to build highly scalable and robust cloud apps. 1. Heroku Heroku is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that empowers developers to create and run robust and intuitive apps entirely in the cloud. The cloud platform enables developers to design, deploy, monitor and scale apps in an efficient and simple way. It best integrates...Read More
  • Oct 22 / 2015
  • Comments Off on Magento Vs WooCommerce – Which is the best for your Ecommerce Website?
Magento, Wordpress

Magento Vs WooCommerce – Which is the best for your Ecommerce Website?

Talking about ecommerce, Magento and WooCommerce are the two most widely used platforms that empower the developers with flexibility, agility and superb features. They both have unique functionalities and strengths that are apt for different needs. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine whether to choose Magento or WooCommerce to build a robust and scalable ecommerce website. Let’s go ahead with a comparison and evaluation of Magento Vs WooCommerce. Magento is an Ecommerce Platform while WooCommerce is a Plugin So, the fight is in between a platform and a plugin! Magento is a complete ecommerce platform with excellent functional and structural framework. On the other hand, WooCommerce is a plugin that first needs to be installed on CMS and then can be used for building ecommerce websites. So, you might consider Magento over WooCommerce based on this factor, but the reality may be different. Undoubtedly, Magento is a comprehensive ecommerce solution,...Read More
  • Oct 14 / 2015
  • Comments Off on How Much Does a WordPress Website Really Costs?

How Much Does a WordPress Website Really Costs?

Let’s face it, there is no free lunch in this world. Although you may have seen the prefix like ‘Free’ and ‘cheap’ quite commonly before the term ‘WordPress development’, if you want to leverage WordPress, the most popular CMS we have today, to do some serious online business and drive a really good number of sales or leads then the development of such WordPress websites doesn’t come cheap. Wondering what is the real cost of building a WordPress website? In this post, I have attempted to explain the right process of building a custom WordPress website and the related cost breakdown. WordPress Website Development Cost Breakdown The total development cost may vary depending on what process a WordPress development company adheres to. The right development process should include following steps: Research: This step involves understanding the purpose/goal behind website development and identifying its target niche. In order to be more accurate, the development company can...Read More
  • Oct 05 / 2015
  • Comments Off on Which is the Best PHP Framework among CakePHP, Laravel and Codeigniter?

Which is the Best PHP Framework among CakePHP, Laravel and Codeigniter?

PHP framework helps developers to write clean and reusable codes. PHP follows MVC pattern, which provides a clear separation of logic and presentation. However, there is much discussion as to which is the best framework for PHP development – CakePHP, Laravel or Codeigniter. Well, this depends on whether one prefers better documentation, superior performance, built-in-functions or other features of PHP. Every framework has its pros and cons, which are discussed herewith to let you determine the right PHP tool for your web development needs. CakePHP CakePHP was one of the first PHP frameworks, founded back when the standard code was Spaghetti. The objective was to make developing websites and applications fast by minimizing the amount of code that a developer needed to write. And lesser time writing codes means more time making money! Pros Built-in ORM is one of the best things about CakePHP. Building queries is simple and fast,...Read More
  • Sep 30 / 2015
  • Comments Off on PSD to HTML Conversion – A Step by Step Tutorial
Web Design

PSD to HTML Conversion – A Step by Step Tutorial

Amidst today’s dynamic web development scenario, responsive design has emerged as the latest trend setter. Gone are the days of Photoshop (.PSD) designs. W3C has validated HTML as the latest standard that makes responsive design a breeze. HTML, with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), has been creating a buzz in the field of website designing recently and therefore, the need for PSD to HTML conversion has become more important than ever.While there are many companies specializing in converting PSD designs to HTML/CSS, here is a step-by-step guide for the beginners to hone their expertise in designing websites using HTML. Learn the conversion process in these 5 easy steps and create visually striking, intuitive responsive designs. Step 1 – Have all the Key Components of a PSD Design To begin with the conversion process, you need to have a PSD design. Make sure that it is created in Photoshop Layers as this...Read More
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